Cosmo Boy Scotty Brown showed his shortcoming on national television today with his Republicrat robotic response.

Sounded like a 2 year old going through the terrible 2’s when all he can say is NO.

Well, Cosmo Boy does belong to the Party of No with its titular head Dr. No, aka, Cheney,Dick.

Just say “NO” Cosmo Boy gurgles and everything will be right with the world.

The uninsured 30 million American Citizens will suddenly be in the land of Shangri-La where no one ever gets old, no one ever gets sick and everyone has a job.

Well, IMHO Cosmo Boy has lost his horizon.

Put some clothes on Cosmo Boy and live in the real world.

Massachusetts expects more out of you than to be

puppeting the words of  Senator Mitch McConnell who has never met an earmark he has turned down  or Rep John Boehner who has to get off his tanning bed and see the light of day of the real world.

Cosmo Boy take the staples out of your belly button and start thinking on your own as the independent you said you were not some Republicrat dummy for whom some other radical is pulling the strings.

Remember, Cosmo Boy Scotty, you only have a 2 YEAR TERM !

Countdown . . . Tick…Tick . . . Tick . . .  

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