Cook Political Report: MA-10 = Tossup!

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Jeff Perry Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report is one of the top political minds in the nation at elections analysis.  After Congressman Delahunt announced his retirement, he move the Massachusetts 10th congressional district into the “Toss-up” category.  The 10th district is the only congressional district in Massachusetts not rated “Solid Dem.”  He issued the following statement:

Delahunt’s Retirement Moves MA-10 To Toss Up

March 5, 2010

It’s been 16 years since any Republican won a House seat in Massachusetts. But Rep. Bill Delahunt’s South Shore-Cape Cod district is the least Democratic in the state, sporting a Partisan Voter Index score of D+5. The last time this seat came open in 1996, Delahunt took only 54 percent of the general election vote after a contentious primary. And even though President Obama took 55 percent of the district’s vote in 2008, GOP Sen. Scott Brown took 60 percent here in January’s special election – a remarkable showing in a district home to the Kennedy compound.

Delahunt’s decision to leave doesn’t make this district a lost cause for Democrats by any means, but credible Republicans including former state Treasurer Joe Malone and state Rep. Jeffrey Perry are likely to run, and no Democrat appears capable of clearing a primary field. In a normal year, Democrats would enjoy a considerable advantage in an open seat race in MA-10. But this year, Democrats’ initial advantage isn’t great enough to warrant rating this race more favorably than a Toss Up.

The Massachusetts Governor’s race is rated “Leans Dem.”


Jeff Perry Kickoff

The Cape Cod Today reports nearly 500 people attended Jeff Perry’s kickoff Friday night!  On hand accounts said over 600.  Calling Jeff Perry “an early and very active supporter of newly elected US Senator Scott Brown” they discuss his willingness to say no to Washington.  Jeff Perry opposes government bailouts, government takeovers of medicine, and benefits to illegal immigrants.  

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