Christy Mihos Won Debate Hands Down

Christy Mihos Won the Debate hands down. Charlie Baker tried to answer questions but his answers went nowhere. Spin Spin Spin. Christy Mihos has shown by tonight’s debate that he has the answers to fix our state, The two questions Charlie answered were just him echoing what Christy Mihos said………A lot of people at the debate thought it was Comical how Baker tried to answer. Baker showed that he was not for the sales tax roll back and also did not give a specific answer on if he was pro second amendment or not. If this is what team Baker has to offer he will not stand a chance against Deval. People in The Baker camp should look more at their candidate’s and not march with who the Rino’s in control of our party have put up to run Baker / Tisei.

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  • Cliff:

    I ask because I wonder if you have actually seen the entire debate. I attempted to watch the on line stuff but was underwhelmed. The video was not working well, at least on my computer. I find it difficult to believe that anyone that did not see the entire video could have a consensus winner. From what I did see both were civil and neither said anything that was not expected. Charlie appears to be more of a wonk and Christy is Christy. I am not a fan of Christy but he did nothing from what I could see to hurt himself. Charlie was a gentleman and as I said both were civil.

    Bottom line Cliff, it does appear that no one “won” the debate. I guess given Christy’s most recent press one could argue that survival equates to winning if you are Christy. If that’s your position then he lives to fight another day.

    Christy’s big problem is that last night’s debate does nothing to help his anemic fundraising.  He is no better off today than yesterday.

    The Moderator and the format appeared to be problematic.

    Cliff, a question for you. What would you do as an elecetd selectman in Clinton if the sales tax is rolled back to 3%? Baker’s point about the 3% sales tax rollback was that it had to have some effect on local aid. I tend to think that he is correct. Then again the Legislature would certainly ignore the initiative.  

  • If reports came out at the debate that Mihos was a pedophile serial killer, Cliff would still come on here and proclaim him the clear winner….

  • Yeah but when the audience asked both candidates if they support paying their employees or whether they would stiff them…

    The only candidate that claimed that he believes its important to pay his people is Baker, while Christy was adament that it is best to stiff his employees.

    My point Cliff is that Christy claims to represent the “little people” or “common man” but he continues to rip off everyone who ever worked for him and they are the “little people”:

  • Anyways, off the top of my head I can think of 12 jobs, an entire department, which could be eliminated with no loss of service to any party concerned.  I HAVE told Sen. Tarr about how this can be done, so we’ll see.

    Stay classy, South Shore!

  • “Christy Mihos has shown by tonight’s debate that he has the answers to fix our state…”

    First of all, Christie needs the answers to fix his campaign.  Baby steps, Cliff, baby steps.  Tidy up the mess at home before moving on to the big fish.  

    He needs to pay off the vendors who are suing him, swallow his pride and pay back his campaign staff (who are jumping ship left and right and also suing him) and get the liens lifted on his assets.

    Next, he needs to win back the hearts and minds of the Republicans he insulted during the 2006 election.

    Then, he needs to stop lying to the press about whether or not this earth-shattering running mate he may or may not be selecting is an actual person.

    If the guy can’t balance a check book or get his facts straight when confronted by the media, he can’t do squat for Massachusetts.  

  • cfblake2

    Wish charlie would answer the hard questions about the Big Dig and Romney care and how he was involved with both. You can spin spin spin Just like Charlie but Christy Mihos answers every question asked of him………..Charlie does not answer any question put to him he just spins a story and allways leaves a way out so he can change his answer if it becomes unpopular sounds to me like the Politics of Bill Clinton or John Kerry…You Hacks need to try something differant cuase this lame stuff your saying about Mihos is just that lame.

  • cfblake2

    Did you live in Ma When Baker was the AG for Weld?  

  • cfblake2

    Follow the Money ….When did Baker know the real cost of the big dig and did he ok it to let the tax payers pay for it???

  • The Secretary of A&F (not the Attorney General, stupid) was permitted to oversee the allocation of funds…but only under the legislation as passed.

    The legal regulations created for this sinkhole were crafted by Jim Aloisi.  He wrote the bill, therefore he is the root of the problem.

    If he weren’t such a fiscal wreck-loose, he would have limited the A&F Sec.’s appropriating authority by establishing a fiscal oversight board.  

    It’s a little “coulda, shoulda, woulda” but he’s still a major piece of the puzzle when it comes down to the fact he crafted the ENABLING STATUTE FOR THE BIG DIG.

    If it wasn’t on Aloisi, then why didn’t he have the foresight to address the potential fical issues in the original stages of the “Big Dig” proposal?

    I officially retire from correcting Clifford Blake.  How in gods name are you running for selectmen?  Yikes.  The people of Clinton should be worried.