Charlie Baker: The Ultimate Special Interest

With the travesty known as Obamacare being signed into law last week, now more than ever Americans need someone who is willing to stand up, as leaders do, to special interest groups in the Health Care Industry. They have bought for pennies on the dollar massive profits they stand to reap.

The people of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts have seen the destructive force of Health Care executives  and their lobbyist. We have see it in out premiums going up 200% in some cases. We have seen it in our communities, where our primary care physicians are retiring because they simply cannot afford to practice here anymore. We have seen it in the big teaching hospitals that have lines for the most basic procedures. We have seen it in the Community hospitals that are now no longer taking new patients. We now are watching in horror as the health care cost to the state have blown a 300 million dollar hole in the budget.  

The stakes in Novembers election for Governor of Massachusetts could not be higher. What Massachusetts needs is a faithful public servant. A fiscally conservative person who will be able to repeal some parts of our current healthcare system. Someone who will be able to work with Democrats and Republicans, without ego, without much fanfare, and with a quiet dignity and grace.

Charlie Baker is not that man. He just simply isn’t. Charlie cannot be that man. Not after donating thousands of dollars to the well connected who had control of health care in Massachusetts. Not after crafting the bill we would be sending him to dismantle. Not after taking over 260,000.00 in donations from the same people who are reaping the profits that MassCare has given them.

We have seen Charlie Baker and Richard Tisei’s leadership when it came to this very issue. While Tim Cahill was on the front lines with folks like Glenn Beck trying to derail ObamaCare, Charlie Baker had his fraud of a spokesman (well, voter at least) where tweeting away like nothing was happening.

This AD will be the first of many I am sure. It is an accurate portrayal of Massachusetts Republican Candidate for Governor. It is real talk about what the establishment Republicans want to send to the corner office. We all spoke with one voice January 19th. We said no to Obama Care. We said Scott Brown be the 41st Vote! Well this November together Democrats, Republicans, and Independents send Cahill to the corner office to start repealing here what they need to repeal in DC.  

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