Charlie Baker for Governor’s Comments on ObamaCare from the Globe

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One reason I support Charlie Baker is because of his experience.  Charlie has experience in local government, state government, and of course his time with Harvard Pilgrim Health Care where helped to save the company.  As such, I value his opinion on ObamaCare.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Charles D. Baker Jr., a former chief executive of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, condemned the bill, saying it would increase the deficit and result in higher taxes or cuts in federal aid for teaching hospitals, medical device companies, and other health care firms that make up one-third of the Massachusetts economy.

“I’m sad for my country, and I’m sad for my state,” Baker said. “This is a bad deal for Massachusetts, and I think it’s a bad deal for the country. I think the math in this thing is appalling. . . . We’re basically going to be dumping an onerous burden onto our children and grandchildren.”

Baker added that the procedural tactics used to advance the bill were “as ugly as anything I’ve ever seen.”…

Here’s also a quote from a Tea Party leader:

“The fact of the matter is, for the federal government to demand, force, compel citizens to buy a product under threat of financial punishment, that’s unconstitutional,” said Christen Varley of Holliston, president of the Greater Boston Tea Party. “They’ve been trying to put the government in charge of health care for generations. And, as long as we’re not fighting back, they’re pushing forward, so we’ll keep pushing back.”…

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