Cahill on Beck, Losing his Authenticity

When Tim Cahill went on Glenn Beck last night he got exactly what he wanted: national coverage and attention. It is understandable why he would be vying for national spotlight so early in the game. So far his ability to pick any “Anti-Deval” press or attention in the state has been overshadowed by Republican challenger Charlie Baker, further hurting his fundraising efforts. In other words, his campaign is already dead in the water, not something he expected, and really needs a jolt to ensure it does not go the way of Mihos.

However his jumping on the “Anti-Obamacare” bandwagon for the sake of national attention is a truly transparent political maneuver. It is confusing when compared to Cahill's past position, of not taking a position on how to balance the budget. How can he possibly give advice to nation legislatures when after serving as Treasurer to Massachusetts he claimed he did not have enough expertise to give concrete ideas? The truth is that Tim and his newly acquired political consultants recognize as the “Anti-Obamacare” bandwagon as safe territory from which to lob attacks. The proposal is wildly unpopular and allows Cahill to establish a recent history of fiscal conservatism come election day. Such a plan may very well work out for Cahill, but only voters aren't paying attention.

If they are paying attention they will recognize Cahill flip flopping on national television. He's gone from saying that he does not know enough about the budget to propose any ideas because he does not work with it to saying that he's been trying to balance the budget for the past two years. Has Cahill now taken responsibility for balancing the budget?

If so some someone should tell his daughters. On Twitter Tim Cahill's daughter seem to be promoting the idea that Cahill hasn't been working with the budget:

NkCahill: @lennyalcivar you do know that @timforgovernor, as treasurer, doesn't make budget decisions right?! if not, you should learn #magov #mapoli

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