BREAKING: Tim Cahill Campaign breaks campaign finance law

The campaign finance woes for the Tim Cahill campaign get worse for the guberantorial hopeful.  Today his campaign sent a solicitation email to members of the General Court to their State House emails.  Red Mass Group has obtained the following email from a Republican Member of the General Court.  This practice is illegal under Massachusetts Campaign Finance law.

From: Tim Cahill []
Sent: Monday, March 29, 2010 11:45 AM


Subject: Help me end March on the right note


I have spent the last two weeks warning any American who would listen about the danger ObamaCare poses to our country.

Friday,  I had an op ed in the Wall Street Journal as part of a healthcare symposium in which I was joined by Congressman Mike Pence of  Indiana, Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana and former Senator Phil Gramm of Texas. This symposium explains our opposition to the health care plan and how to fix it.

As I said Friday, while I believe everyone should have access to affordable health care, our experience in Massachusetts tells us that the new federal entitlement will burden future taxpayers and place a crushing burden on small businesses.

The rest of the letter is below the fold.

Anytime you take a bold position like we have, you can expect to be attacked, and that’s exactly what has happened over the last few weeks. That’s why I am writing to you today.  I need your help.

Getting my campaign message out across the state is vital if we are going to build our organization. We are approaching the final few days of March, and I need your support now to help ensure a successful fundraising month.

If you have already contributed the maximum of $500 then I thank you, but if you have not it is now more important than ever that I gain your support. Your contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50 or even $25 enables me to get my message out to the people of this state that change is coming to Beacon Hill.

Please donate today by visiting my website,, or by clicking here.  

All My Best,


P.S. I’ve included links to some of the major national appearances we did.   Please forward this e-mail to friends and family you know who are concerned about the passage of the new healthcare reform. Check them out, and please, help my campaign with the most generous donation you can make today.  

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MSNBC 3/17/2010

National Journal-Pawlenty: Don’t follow Mass. example 3/28/2010

Washington Examiner: RomneyCare’s failure teaches need to repeal ObamaCare 3/25/3010

This email was sent to Rep.XXXXXX@Hou.State.MA.US.

Paid for by Tim Cahill Committee.

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