Boston Globe: 11 Challengers vie to take down Tsongas

“Hi, my name is Rob, and I am not running against Niki Tsongas”.  If this writer still lived in the fifth congressional district that’s how I may have to introduce myself to people I meet.  Especially since according to the Boston Globe eleven total candidates have pulled papers to run against Niki Tsongas.  Seven Republicans and four Independents.

Seven Republicans and four independent candidates are trying to gather enough signatures to get on the ballot to challenge Tsongas, who won a special election to the open seat in 2007.

The GOP has not laid claim to the Merrimack Valley district since Tsongas’s husband, the late Paul Tsongas, defeated a Republican in 1974. But the National Republican Congressional Committee has targeted Tsongas’s district as ripe for the picking, given its high concentration of unenrolled voters, and its outpouring of support for US Senator Scott Brown, a Republican, in the January special election.

Though the committee has not decided how much money to devote to the campaign, it is advising Carlisle Republican Jon Golnik on communications strategy and fund-raising, said committee spokesman Tory Mazzola. “He’s a very impressive candidate who has momentum across the district.”

The NRCC has picked their candidate it seems.  That candidate is Jon Golnik.  The article only mentions the two challengers we know about. Sam Meas of Haverhill and John Golnik.

My word of advice to the five other Republican Candidates, especially if they are from Lowell.  Run for State Rep.  Scott Brown won Lowell, we can win there. If you want help email me, I grew up in Lowell and will help you with every ounce of my fiber to win one of those three seats.

Disclosure: I have provided print services for the Jon Golnik Campaign.

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