Barack Obama’s Outrage?

Barack Obama today expressed outrage at the murder of several U.S. Consulate employees in Ciudad Juarez by narco terrorists.

Huh?  This can’t be the same Barack Obama who fessed up in his autobiography to being a big drug user.  Does Barack Obama understand where unlawful narcotics originate from?  If he doesn’t, I’ll take the liberty to inform him: Mr. President, the illegal drugs, ie MJ and coke, are being smuggled into U.S.A. by Mexican narco terrorists. The same narco terrorists, south of the border, that make millions by smuggling illegal drugs into U.S.A. to be used by people like you. Yes–you—-you by your own admission.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh—-but now that Barack Obama is president—it’s all for real. It’s those people out there, the great unwashed in America that use recreational drugs and the heavy duty drug dependent that have created this obscene problem in Mexico.   Barack Obama has absolved himself, and his ilk, of all culpability.

God do I despise hypocrites!…

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