Bank Reform: Coming Attraction?

Without providing a link, I’m sure many of you are reading that the democrat Bank Reform is setting up to be the next “great debate”, probably occuring while the health care “debate” continues.

Similarly, the GOP is again setting up to oppose changes that the dems will be trying to ram through. However this time public opinion will be a lot different.

Now for my question.

Does this make sense?

I tend to oppose regulation in general but when it comes to banks in general and wall street in particular, especialy having come through the past few years, does it make any sense to be seen defending the status quo?

Does anyone doubt that these people, left unchecked wouldnt be giddily auctioning off everyones property after they have sucked away the last remnants of any ability to pay?

What are the alternatives to bank reform (as a general concept)?

Is the best argument that we have the fact that the people who will be doing the regulating are the ones most in need of the regulation?

I’m curious what you all think.

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