Arrogance 101: Richard Neal and Congress

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RMG Friends,

Last night’s passage of the flawed and costly healthcare bill proves that Richard Neal has lost all respect for the people of the Second District. Democratic leadership reached new levels of arrogance, using every trick in the book to ram this bill through Congress.

Threats, promises, vote-buying … it was all part of this ‘process’ that culminated in the action that was taken last night. Our form of government and the very Constitution that our nation was built on have been damaged. Richard Neal is now inexorably and forever linked with this debacle, and the voters will not forget this come November.

It is my pledge to hold Richard Neal to account for this vote constantly and without restraint from now until November. If you are as angry as I am about the vote last night, please consider a $21 donation to my campaign (in remembrance of the action that took place yesterday, March 21st) to remove Richard Neal from office. These contributions are critical as we go through the spring election season.

To Victory,


Tom Wesley

Candidate for U.S. Congress (MA-2)

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