Another One of those “Infamy” Days

I believe that Mar 21, 2010 will go down in history as another one of those “Infamy” days we’ll talk about forever and be as potent and as formidable in our minds as Pearl Harbor and 9/11.  

Both of these events were significant turning points in the life of the nation and the generations that witnessed and lived through them. Such will be the case I believe of the signing into law of Socialized Medicine, an event which will be forever noted as the Day the Government assumed control of our bodies and every aspect of our lives through that new power of control.

In the eleventh hour of the battle preceding the final vote it became apparent that it would be  nothing more than Democrats gathering around Obama to save his Presidency when most I’m sure were reluctant to approve the legislation that is destined to be the final spike in the Capitalistic engine that has created economic freedom and prosperity for so many down through the years. I do not include in that group of responsible but pressured legislators Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid because those were the thugs holding the hammer over wavering heads and have been ever since they regained Control of Congress and brought about the financial meltdown that led to the recession and massive unemployment we are now experiencing. Hopefully Barney and friends will be replaced by their challengers like front runner Earl Sholley in the Massachusetts Fourth Congressional District who must be smelling blood in the water this morning. In fact the first thing I read on the  “fateful morning after” was an article posted at Bloomberg.Com that says the US is at risk of losing its AAA Rating in the Bond Market and that. Moody’s  investors Service is predicting the U.S. will spend more on debt service as a percentage of revenue this year than any other top-rated country except the U.K. Move over Venezuela and the rest of the Third World, here we come.

Some of my Democrat friends think that line of “Apocalyptic reasoning is nonsense, while I think it is nothing more than plain common sense. How could the President of the United States want to destroy the greatest Health Care System in the World by destroying the economic incentives that have resulted in people living longer and surviving ailments that were once insurmountable like Cancer, Small Pox, Malaria and a wide array of improvements in the management of Cardiovascular Disease?

My father is 95 years old and just returned home from surgery for a double hernia that relieved the intense discomfort he has been suffering with for some time. After weighing the risks with his doctors and family it was decided to go forward with the surgery even thought it  was the fourth time he has gone under the knife in three years. Because of advances in medicine patients seem to be able to handle the anesthesia much better now than previously when elderly patients would be prone to take a beating mentally as well as physically from the anesthesia alone. I can’t help think that if this were to have happened a few years from now it’s quite possible that some faceless government bureaucrat would have stood in the way of such a procedure and my family’s happiness as well as his abilities to enjoy a few more years of zestful living. We will soon be losing our freedom to choose in one of the most important responsibilities or I should say areas of stewardship that we have and that is the care and management of our bodies. Isn’t that what the fight over Roe vs Wade was all about only the people that supported Roe are for the most part people who are now advocating this massive government takeover of the Greatest Health Care System in the World as well as our beloved bodies?

During the struggle for Independence in this country officials loyal to the British government  were Tarred and Feathered for administering the policies of the repressive and evil regime and while I will never support individuals or groups who resort to such punitive measures, I understand there frustrations. For the remainder of this year all members of Congress are going to be identified by whether they voted for or against the legislation and it might behoove them to upgrade their security protection because the anger out there is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It’s not being generated from drugged out radicals or committed leftists who have always hated this country, its evolving from average Moms and Dads, Veterans, and hard working folks who understand the greatness of America and its history.  

They don’t understand how Americans were willing to give up their freedom by voting for Obama’s agenda of change as he promised and has never wavered from. Yes…the man raised by Communists and extreme America hating radicals has never wavered from his plan to redistribute and destroy individual wealth. In fact after putting control of one sixth of the Economy under control of the US Government he is well on his way to achieving that end. But now he needs a new block of voters quickly since he just alienated so many which is why the next special on his Socialist Agenda Platter will surely be “Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants” served with plenty of pork and sweetheart deals for wavering members of his own party along with a side dish of head pounding similar to what occurred preceding the Health Care Vote

But fear not folks, the sleeping giant is fully awake now i.e. freedom loving Americans with traditional values and they are really angry now as we will see during the months leading up to the Congressional elections in November. In fact even my own representative in  the Fourth Congressional District Barney Frank is less of a sure thing today than he was yesterday for continuing his thirty year reign of terror on Americans even if he does have the support of self-interested local fishermen. Yesterday the world changed whether you realize it or not, but even supporters o f Barney Frank are not going to enjoy being treated like my father’s World War II friend in England who was on the waiting list for routine surgery for over a year before they got to him. “You can always go to Costa Rica like Rush Limbaugh said he would if you want better treatment and better attention, as long as you have the money of course.  If not pick a number and stand in line folks not to see your doctor , of course, but that pointy headed bureaucrat over their wearing nose glasses who will remind you how you feel when you go to the Post Office, the Registry of Motor Vehicle, or any other government agency and that is simply a crying shame and a great American tragedy.

Tom Wholley, New Bedford, MA

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