An open list of questions for Mr. Christy Mihos regarding people who quit you.

(Christy Mihos…yup…I got nothing.   – promoted by Garrett Quinn)

Dear Mr. Mihos,

My husband and I noticed that you were recently kind enough to answer questions people posted on this web page.  We thought that was unusual, but also nice for a public figure to do….and refreshing.  You are a good person to do that.

So, we are hoping you will answer these questions, most of which come from town committee members we’ve been emailing.  We are hoping you will give very direct and succinct answers; as both my self and my spouse are delegates, but NOT commited at this time.

1.  Has Democratic operative and consultant Lou Dinatale at any time worked on your campaign and in your campaign headquarters at Hyannis?  Joe Manzoli told us that Lou was the campaign’s first boss, so maybe he is spreading disinformation, and we are trying to just get the real answers from you, and not the jokers at the Boston Globe.  

We called your office and your secretary – she said her name was Barabara (and we called at the number at the bottom of your web page) and when we asked for Lou Dinatale she said that he quit in September.  If Barbara said he quit, that would seem to denote that he was working for you.  Dinatale is the most partisan of Democrats, and worked for Mike Dukakis.  Please just let us know the real deal.

2.  Have you ever been late, in any way, in paying your staffers?

3.  Can you tell us why you bounced a check to Professor Larry Overlan.  We read his book years ago on the 1990 election.  How did that one get away from you and why did you pay him with personal checks, when that is against the law, and why is he not on the campaign any longer?

4.  You say that Mr. Morris is in the Carribean.  We taped your interview with Jim Braude and you said that.  But the same night he was in studio on FOX in NYC.  Can you tell us why he REALLY left the campaign?  At a time like this, why would a political consultant not be working very hard?

5.  When will you settle matters with Joe Manzoli, who is now another employee who has quit you and says you owe him money.  Is he someone you agree you owe money to?

We know that these questions are a lot, but you promised us a very different and open campaign, and we are seeking your side.  We are not giving up on you here in Worcester County, but Joe is saying a lot of things since he quit, and we think YOU should have the chance to set the record straight and speak for yourself.  We don’t want to read the Globe anymore.  We’ve given up on them.

Thank you, sir.

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