American Socialists Have No Where to Hide Anymore

One of the good things that resulted from this weekend’s unconstitutional Coup d’etat of the Private Sector’s Health Care Industry and one-sixth of the US Economy was that today’s Democrats can no longer hide who they really are… The extreme radicals running the government have forced the Democrats out of the tall grass and into the  open where they are now required to reveal their true intentions and plans for changing America into a Socialist Utopia, an oxymoron if their ever was one.

Up until this weekend only those of us who follow politics closely knew today’s Democrat Party was not the party of Franklin Roosevelt and John F Kennedy as a new extreme radical left leadership had taken over and even Democrat members of the House were forced to acknowledge through their vote Sunday that their party had truly been high jacked by the Michael Moore and Sean Penn wing of the party. The head pounding tactics of President Obama and the House Leadership were evident for all to see Sunday. In fact I could almost hear the screams coming from backrooms and wondered who was about to get shot in the kneecaps.  

It was also clear that for the first time many Democrats had no choice but to vote with members on the other side of the aisle in a remarkable show of genuine bipartisanship, due to the fact that 37% of the country disapproved of the legislation and wanted them to start over from scratch. But Barrack, Nancy, and Steny (the three Stooges) would have none of it because Obama’s Presidency was at stake and after all that’s much more important than the Country, right?

When confronted with the socialist trends of his party, Al Sharpton openly admitted when being interviewed this weekend that people who voted Obama into office were indeed voting for socialism. At least Mr Sharpton was honest even if he is an idiot. Ted Kennedy was always honest about his big government intentions as well and Barney Frank never held back a thing when he said his plan was for the Government to be our Landlord.

Now every other Democrat who wants to remain a Democrat is being forced to defend Socialism by saying things like  “socialism is a good thing” which by the way is the same thing as saying “freedom is a bad thing” and so are elections. One of the first things that happened in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba and yes even when the National Socialist Party ran Germany was a government take-over of health-care followed by the end of free elections. This time its going to be the dismantling of the greatest health care system ever know to man followed by “Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants” because the Democrats are going to need a new block of voters eager for entitlements quickly. And if that happens they won’t need to cancel elections at least not for a while

In the past it was always frustrating for conservatives to debate liberals because we knew they couldn’t be honest about who they really were and what they really believed and how much they disliked this country. Now we know the truth which means  the  2010 Congressional elections promises to be a real Turkey Shoot as long as all freedom loving Americans take part in the hunt and bag these lying weasels  who will be wearing the largest bullseyes imaginable on their backs. The Democrats have been forced into an impossible situation by their man child president and their  Congressional Leaders on the far left, and now they have no where to run.

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