Your Daily Good News – Stewart vs O’Reilly

National stories rarely appear in Your Daily Good News but the 40+ minute Jon Stewart appearance on The O’Reilly Factor is noteworthy enough to find a place on this list. Drink everytime O’Reilly says “folks” or “pinhead.”

Fox News

Channel Five contacted 54 state legislators about their tax returns and the travel deduction. Only nine responded. Two admitted that they have paid no income tax in recent years because of the deduction.


The special election dates for Galluccio’s seat and Brown’s seat are April 13th and May 11th.

The Capitol View

Adam Reilly, who famously said RMG would only last three months, writes that the conservative dominance of talk radio will doom Democrats in 2010.

Boston Phoenix

The Orleans board of selectmen vote against new meals and lodging taxes. “Selectman Margie Fulcher joined Selectmen Mark Carron and David Dunford in opposing the new taxes. Selectmen Sims McGrath and Jon Fuller voted in favor.”

Cape Cod Times

Retired public official admits stealing.

Lowell Sun

Almost Forgot!

Your Daily Video

The Ramones – S.L.U.G

This song was never formally released on Ramones studio album and the video is actually a fan creation.

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