Your Daily Good News – CPAC Hangover Edition

Former Arkansas governor and big government evangelist Mike Huckabee skipped the largest annual gathering of conservative activists because “CPAC has become increasingly libertarian and less Republican over the last years.” Ok.

Fox News

“Narrowly, it revealed that Paul’s quixotic 2008 bid for president created a significant and growing movement of libertarian-minded teens and twentysomethings whose role in the conservative coalition will become more clear outside of CPAC.”

Washington Independent

The Republican Party needs a “come-to-Jesus” moment according to Glenn Beck.


The vibe at CPAC leads Leon Wolf to conclude that 2010 will be very much like 1994.

Red State

At least gay bashing and homophobic pyscho Ryan Sorba got booed off the stage after attacking the gay Republican group GOP Proud.He later refused to shake the hand of a gay GOP activist calling him “intrinsically evil.”

The Right Scoop

Your Daily Video

This little video from the Dallas Tea Party is pretty funny with its attack on MSNBC and Keith Olbermann….Hey that brings us to this: Did NBC put the USA vs Canada game on MSNBC to help raise their sinking ratings?

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