Who is the Next Scott Brown? Not You!

(The moral of the story is, if you want to win, you need to work your butt off…. – promoted by Paul “Cool Cal” Ferro)

In the aftermath of Scott Brown’s win is one of the most overplayed slogans since “Read my lips….” And that is “The next Scott Brown.”

Using this slogan, comparing you to Senator Brown, or using any information from HIS race to yours is insulting to him, to the party and to viable candidates who are working hard, and have been working hard, to get elected to higher office.

Unfortunately, with Senator Brown’s win, so many people are watering down our party with hopes of being “The Next Scott Brown.” Let me tell you why this is a ridiculous claim.

You are undermining the hard work Scott Brown has put in throughout his life: Scott’s campaign didn’t start in September and October. It started 20 years ago. You may not have known about Scott, but he was a career politician (which I don’t think is a bad thing). So, if you’ve been involved in politics since January, by comparing yourself to Scott is like saying you’re the next Pedro Martinez because you play catch with your 4-year-old.

You are insulting his campaign: His campaign had geniuses working round the clock on “new” and old media working effortlessly among each other to capitalize on his goals. His campaign had thousands of volunteers working for him for months for 40-60 hours a week. He had die hard supporters that would be on suicide watch January 20th if he lost. Scott became a rock star and a political legend. Are you? No.

Overemphasizing new media: Just because you have a Facebook page with 800 fans, and 500 people following you on Twitter, doesn’t mean you are Scott Brown. I can start a Facebook page saying anything and get 1,000 fans. That means nothing. It means people clicked on a button. I’m friends with hundreds of people, and fans of dozens of people, that I don’t know of care about. Guess what? So are you!

Insulting the party: Whenever an awful candidate comes to the forefront, it makes the party look bad. The district sees a terrible “republican” going for office, and it makes everyone look bad. While bringing debate and conversation to the forefront is a good thing, terrible candidates running doesn’t do anyone any good.

You are watering down VIABLE candidates who are working their butts off for their seat: Despite everyone being “the next Scott Brown” there’s a handful of great candidates out there who will be in heated campaigns, and are likely to win. This is my pet peeve. I am the campaign manager for a great candidate in a seat that is EXTREMELY likely to change. However, it makes my job harder because I have to differentiate my great candidate from the rest of the muck.

Do not look at what Scott did and assume you can do the same. Whoopdie-doo. Scott won your district by 20 points! Therefore, you can obviously do the same, right?! After Kevin Youkilis hits a walkoff 450 foot homerun over the Green Monster, are you likely to do the same just because he did? Of course not. That’s the same logic. Scott’s win in your district means as much to your candidacy as Youkilis’ home run means to your baseball skills.

So, who is the next Scott Brown? In a nutshell: Not you. It is ESPECIALLY not you if you are referring to yourself as “the next Scott Brown.” I’ve met a handful of great candidates who have worked their way up and are very viable. No, this is not a shot at them. They are great men and women who have a great chance at winning. This is meant at the men and women who are barely qualified to run for Selectman or School Committee, but are running for Senate or Congress to be “the Next Scott Brown.”

The next Scott Brown is currently a Selectman, City Councilor or Scott Committee member who will make a US Senate or Congressional push in 2030. Just like Scott Brown started off his career 20 years ago. When this candidate in 2030 talks about his rise through the political ranks and worked his butt off, winning 7-10 election cycles, THEN he can call himself the next “Scott Brown.”

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