Who is the Next Scott Brown? Not You!

(The moral of the story is, if you want to win, you need to work your butt off…. – promoted by Paul “Cool Cal” Ferro)

In the aftermath of Scott Brown’s win is one of the most overplayed slogans since “Read my lips….” And that is “The next Scott Brown.”

Using this slogan, comparing you to Senator Brown, or using any information from HIS race to yours is insulting to him, to the party and to viable candidates who are working hard, and have been working hard, to get elected to higher office.

Unfortunately, with Senator Brown’s win, so many people are watering down our party with hopes of being “The Next Scott Brown.” Let me tell you why this is a ridiculous claim.

You are undermining the hard work Scott Brown has put in throughout his life: Scott’s campaign didn’t start in September and October. It started 20 years ago. You may not have known about Scott, but he was a career politician (which I don’t think is a bad thing). So, if you’ve been involved in politics since January, by comparing yourself to Scott is like saying you’re the next Pedro Martinez because you play catch with your 4-year-old.

You are insulting his campaign: His campaign had geniuses working round the clock on “new” and old media working effortlessly among each other to capitalize on his goals. His campaign had thousands of volunteers working for him for months for 40-60 hours a week. He had die hard supporters that would be on suicide watch January 20th if he lost. Scott became a rock star and a political legend. Are you? No.

Overemphasizing new media: Just because you have a Facebook page with 800 fans, and 500 people following you on Twitter, doesn’t mean you are Scott Brown. I can start a Facebook page saying anything and get 1,000 fans. That means nothing. It means people clicked on a button. I’m friends with hundreds of people, and fans of dozens of people, that I don’t know of care about. Guess what? So are you!

Insulting the party: Whenever an awful candidate comes to the forefront, it makes the party look bad. The district sees a terrible “republican” going for office, and it makes everyone look bad. While bringing debate and conversation to the forefront is a good thing, terrible candidates running doesn’t do anyone any good.

You are watering down VIABLE candidates who are working their butts off for their seat: Despite everyone being “the next Scott Brown” there’s a handful of great candidates out there who will be in heated campaigns, and are likely to win. This is my pet peeve. I am the campaign manager for a great candidate in a seat that is EXTREMELY likely to change. However, it makes my job harder because I have to differentiate my great candidate from the rest of the muck.

Do not look at what Scott did and assume you can do the same. Whoopdie-doo. Scott won your district by 20 points! Therefore, you can obviously do the same, right?! After Kevin Youkilis hits a walkoff 450 foot homerun over the Green Monster, are you likely to do the same just because he did? Of course not. That’s the same logic. Scott’s win in your district means as much to your candidacy as Youkilis’ home run means to your baseball skills.

So, who is the next Scott Brown? In a nutshell: Not you. It is ESPECIALLY not you if you are referring to yourself as “the next Scott Brown.” I’ve met a handful of great candidates who have worked their way up and are very viable. No, this is not a shot at them. They are great men and women who have a great chance at winning. This is meant at the men and women who are barely qualified to run for Selectman or School Committee, but are running for Senate or Congress to be “the Next Scott Brown.”

The next Scott Brown is currently a Selectman, City Councilor or Scott Committee member who will make a US Senate or Congressional push in 2030. Just like Scott Brown started off his career 20 years ago. When this candidate in 2030 talks about his rise through the political ranks and worked his butt off, winning 7-10 election cycles, THEN he can call himself the next “Scott Brown.”

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  • Great job at talking down to everyone on RMG. You are such a hack, just a liberal in RMG cloak.

    Everything in this article is OBVIOUS! Every discussion about the future of the next Scott Brown’s starts with candidates with political background.

    It’s not everyman is a Politician – it the everymen in the Politician.

    Get this hack BabyBull off RMG —  

  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    This is a little over the top and negative.

  • Vote3rdpartynow
  • But it’s better than the Cahill/Tisei/Baker daily banter overtaking the board.

    I see many good men who’s campaigns are being watered down with fringe candidates who would be unqualified for School Committee, running for Congress. We get it, Scott did well! But it has nothing to do with your campaign!

    I was blunt and to the point. The long of the short of what I meant to say was “Scott Brown is a career politician (once again, not a bad thing…) who has had a successful career in politics and worked his way up with years of hard work. He didn’t come out of nowhere roll out of bed, and decide to give it a shot.

  • Can’t we find a candidate that has a real chance to win Scott’s former Senate seat. Ross — double yuck-yuck

  • …there will NEVER be another Ronald Reagan.

    No, there will only be the next YOU taking up the reigns and being a leader in the Republican Party and thus our next elected official, at whatever level.

  • Come on RMG Readers ….Put aside that PitBullGOP wrote this (ok..we don’t know much about him) ..but READ WHAT HE WROTE.

    HE IS RIGHT !!!!

    My phone, email, facebook has been FULL of invites to LOTS of Candidate fundraiser’s, meetings and kick offs.  I had 6 …I’m dead serious 6 ask to attend my Republican City Committee last night and TALK to my members!!!  (Not that I’m bragging but I had about 60 people at our meeting)  

    In the past 2 weeks, I have 5 people that don’t EVEN represent my area begging me to help them (pick one) set up their campaign, do a fundraiser or share some good ideas for one, explain my campaign knowledge, look at my years of samples (I keep a book of good letters, push cards, etc …) and/or meet with me to pick my brain.  In my area alone we have many Republicans running against Republicans.  Now I am NOT saying it’s a bad thing ..but some of the members of my Committee and other Committees will get pulled apart when they pick one member to help over another member.  Now, your sitting there and saying ..well we should HELP all of them.  Be serious!  There is only so many REAL activist who will do what I call the “heavy” campaign stuff.  And there is only so much time and money for them to donate!

    My State Committee women doesn’t even want to answer her phone without listening to the answering machine first as there is SO MANY potential candidates calling and (pick one) wanting help, names and phone numbers, ideas, volunteers …etc.

    And YES I keep getting told “I’m the next Scott Brown” …”I drive a truck” …”I could be the next Scott Brown” …”I want to be the next Scott Brown” ..

    We live in a wonderful country where ALMOST ANYONE over 18 can run for office.  BUT PITBULL is right …I had TWO Candidates for Congress at my meeting last night …my members were thrilled to meet them and a few may even be interested in helping them (GREAT you say) ..but guess what …I need help with TWO state Rep races for my area …and help in 5 others races where the people have SO MUCH more of a chance of winning.  Some of the people who talked to my members last night have NO MONEY ..NO IDEA HOW TO MAKE MONEY …NO CAMPAIGN and haven’t even started to think about how they are going to get a REAL campaign in full gear ..and ALL THESE NEW people who are coming out of the wood work …well ..guess what …I HAVE NEVER seen them before much less talked to them before this month.  They are not known AT ALL ..and yet they think they can win in a race 9 months away??  

    I’m not saying I wont wish these people good luck and listen to their speeches (gosh …do these people even practice this stuff before getting in front of people?)  But lets be serious ..there is only so much time, so much money and so many volunteers to go around.  A fair/poor candidate HURTS good candidates by taking $$ and volunteers away from the people who have a good chance.

    Let’s stop being politically correct for a second.  THERE ARE crappy candidates with no experience coming forward each week ..and no one wants to hurt their feelings, tell them to run for a lesser office or heaven forbid tell them they ARE NOT THE NEXT SCOTT BROWN!

    PitBull ..dead on with this one!!!!


  • In order of priority, I see your principle point as this:

    “I am the campaign manager for a great candidate in a seat that is EXTREMELY likely to change. However, it makes my job harder because I have to differentiate my great candidate from the rest of the muck.”

    So you don’t want a primary. Just say that.



  • To sum up what everyone is hinting at,

    Top down politics does not work for the Party as a whole.

    Yes, a “Romney” or a “Patrick” can run for Governor as a private citizen and win, but it will not build and sustain a Party as a whole.

    We can’t make gains once every twenty years and expect for it to sustain us as a Party. (1990 – 2010 and twenty years of wilderness in between with little left over right now)

    Forget about blame In China they have a saying that loosely translated states fix the problem first, assign blame later.  Pointing fingers doesn’t help. Pointing out bad mistakes DOES help. Pointing out mistakes helps fix problems. People need to get over that. That is why I feel the need to defend PitBull. He is not 100% right on every point he makes, but he is pointing out mistakes. He isn’t sitting there just calling candidates losers.

    Foundation before sexy Selectman, School Committee, City council races are not sexy. No one gets on TV with them, no one has massive rallies with thousands of supporters. But they are the people who in 20 years WILL be having those things happen for them. No wine before its time.

    In short, bottom up is sustainable. Top down are quick fixes that often don’t last.

  • This is a great post. Right on in so many areas. I think part of the problem is that the mythology of Scott Brown was that he was just your normal everyday guy with no background in politics. So many people who did not know who he was 4 months ago, never knew/still don’t know he was in the state house as a legislator for the last 11 years, not to mention his rise in local town wide offices before that. Part of his media image/campaign was to hide that- and it worked on those who don’t normally pay attention to politics.

    I think this goes to show that everyone dreams of being a politician. A do-nothing job where your staff does most of the work, good salary + benefits, power and connections, and the media/voter adoration.  

  • Another opponent for Jim Mcgovern:


    From the article:

    WESTBOROUGH – Town resident Robert Delle announced this week he will run against incumbent U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern in the 3rd District this fall.

    The Republican took out nomination papers Tuesday. A lawyer based in Worcester, Delle will try to unseat McGovern, a Democrat, who has represented the 3rd District since 1997.

    Delle said Scott Brown’s victory in last month’s special Senate election inspired him to enter the race.

    “Scott Brown showed the way,” he said. “You just can’t be afraid – there’s a groundswell of support out there.”