Who has the last laugh now?

After Patrick Kennedy’s childish comment that Scott Brown’s improbable victory in Massachusetts was a joke, we learned this week that the Democrat congressman from Rhode Island will not be running for a new term. It seems that rather than risking an embarrassing defeat, Kennedy apparently decided to throw the towel in, much the same way that Senators Chris Dodd and North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan have already done.  

After all if the Senate seat that belonged to the venerable “Lion of the Senate”could go down the tubes in Massachusetts, courtesy of an electorate fed up with Obama’s relentless quest to implement a socialist agenda, what pray tell was in the cards or should I say the “tea leaves” for “Patches” whose disapproval ratings are now at 62%?

I wonder if Patrick also considers it a joke that for the first time in over 60 years not a single member of his infamous family will be holding political office in Washington.

And when did he start lauging? Was it when citizens started rising up against the administration’s efforts to destroy the greatest health care system in the world during town hall meetings last summer,  or was it at Tea Party rallies attended by the same type of average everyday folks and veterans sincerely interested in saving this country from spending itself into bankruptcy and Third World Nationhood. The signs of discontent and genuine anger have been out their for a long time for anyone who was paying attention, and Kennedy has the unmitigated gall to refer to the stunning upset in Massachusetts as a joke which apparently took him completely by surprise. He had no idea voters were that upset? Well, it looks like he’s beginning to get the picture.

He must have been “Rolling on the Floor Laughing Out Loud” known as ROTFLOL in Text messaging shorthand when both Virginia and New Jersey elected Republican governors last November. Most democrats found that hysterical and not to be taken seriously, I’m sure. But we’ll see if they’re still laughing in November when the polls close and the careers of many professional politicians close as well.

And who is the next candidate to come from nowhere and win a decisive victory against all odds only to be referred to as a joke by Patrick Kennedy or some other sulking, spoiled rotten to the corps, liberal insider? Will it be Conservative Republican Earl Sholley who is presently launching a motivated and highly focused campaign against someone who not only should not be representing the Massachusetts Fourth Congressional District in Congress, but should be sitting in a jail cell for his roll in the sub prime mortgage crisis that brought our economy to a hault. Of course I’m talking about our infamous representative and national embarrassment, Barney Frank and if you’d like to help Earl earn that badge of honor visit his web site at http://www.sholleyforcongress.us/ and see what you can do to help this good man bring about another “Massachusetts Miracle”.

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