Who do our Elected Officials Represent – The People or Themselves?

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Are our officials in the State House of Representatives elected to further their own careers in the House or should they be representing what their constituents want and voting accordingly? I believe they are elected to represent their constituents and not their own political careers. After all they serve in the House of Representatives. Their title is Representative and we have a representative form of government. Representatives are supposed to advocate on our behalf. If they fail to represent and advocate for us, the people need to hold them accountable.

I addressed a group where I discussed the runaway state spending and the crushing taxes already imposed on us by the legislature as well as the potential for new taxes. Rather than stand up for the taxpayers who did not want tax and fee hikes, my incumbent voted not only to hike our existing taxes, but also to impose new taxes and fees upon us last year.

Rather than vote to end Bunker Hill and Evacuation Day and save the taxpayers millions, my incumbent voted against the will of his constituents.  

Rather than stand with the people and ask for the Speaker to release the details of the legal fees we are paying for former Speaker DiMasi, my incumbent is silent.

Rather than stand with the people and say the state should not keep considering in-state tuition for illegal immigrants over and over again, he stays silent.

Rather than stand up for the people and respect the will of the electoral process, my incumbent has done nothing to try to roll back the income tax to 5%.

Rather than accept responsibility for his role in the increased state spending and higher taxes and fees, my incumbent said that government was living within its means.

After addressing the group, I was approached by a voter who defended our incumbent by saying if the incumbent doesn’t go along then he risks demotion or losing committee positions. She kept telling me that I don’t know how things work up there and the incumbent has to look out for himself.

I don’t see it that way. He should be looking out for us. Period. If all the elected officials actually represented their constituents rather than the political machine the power of accountability in legislation and government would lie with the people, not the political machine. That is what government of, by and for the people is, but sadly that is not what we have right now.

Right now we have elected officials not representatives. They are politicians, but not advocates, which has to change. This is why I am running. I am a trained advocate. I believe in term limits to limit the threat of corruption and the machine takeover of government. Our government is supposed to be of, by, and for the people. It is time we make it that way again. If you feel the same way, please get involved with campaign for State Representative at www.karafratto.com.

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