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  • he was responsible for every bit of the Dig….bet he even made the call to use shitty epoxy.  Leaks??  His fault.  cost over-runs…his fault.

  • Mr. Blake, I know you support Mr. Mihos.  I also know that Brock supports Mr. Baker.

    However, there was an expansion of readers during the special Senate election so I am not sure that everyone reading knows the positions that everyone have taken (or not taken).  So I would request, not just of you, but everyone, that when posting something either supporting or raising issues about a candidate that you disclose your position vis-a-vis either the candidate supported or not supported.

    No dig on you as you have been very clear, but would like the editors to make a request that we all spell out our positions so people reading have contextual framework.

    That said, your questions on the Big Dig are fair and ones that Mr. Baker needs to be able to answer to the satisfaction of all voters.

    Have a good evening and good luck on your Selectman’s race.  Not having met you personally, but having read many of your posts, I think you will be good for the people of Clinton.

  • since you left this open for me to find out WTF you’re gettin at……..in the mid-90s he was part of this deal, according to Boston.com:

    “In exchange for $1.5 billion upfront, the state pledged to surrender to bondholders more than a quarter of its federal highway grants from 2006 through 2015, about $150 million per year.”

    Am I missing something???????

    In exchange for $1.5 billion in the mid-90s…..he made a deal to give up $1.5 billion 10 years later in increments over a period of 10 years.

    ….in dollar values of 15 years later???????  I’d take that deal any day o the week.

    You give me $1 million right now…10 years from now I’ll start 10 annual payments of $100K….meanwhile, I’ll make interest on that mill.

    Since you gave nothing to go off of, I’ll assume this is what you’re talking about and that you think Baker is a genius.

    How about next time you freakin say what’s on your mind instead of playing games like a 12yo girl?

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    Christy and The Big Dig

    The “Big” Plan

    In the 1980s, city and state officials embraced a plan to bury Interstate 93 under Boston. The Central Artery/Tunnel Project, or the Big Dig, was considered one of the most forward-thinking infrastructure projects of the 20th century. Politicians called the project an engineering marvel, and they believed it could help change downtown Boston for only $2.6 billion in 1985.

    As the project reaches its 21st birthday, the view of the project of those paying Massachusetts taxes has changed dramatically. The state spent more than $14.6 billion in state and federal tax dollars. The Big Dig has seen repeated delays, out-of-control costs, leaks in its tunnels, shoddy workmanship and materials, arrests of individuals involved and traffic tie-ups. Then, on July 10, 2006, 12 tons of ceiling panels collapsed, killing 39-year-old Jamaica Plain resident Milena Del Valle. The I-90 connector tunnel where the accident happened has remained closed. Boston traffic since the tragic accident has been a nightmare. The consequences felt by the Massachusetts economy are enormous, especially for the local businesses and the tourism industry as a whole. Roadway access to and from Logan International Airport is now severely restricted.