What a year for the GOP….

I stood on stage with RNC Chairman Michael Steele, College Republicans & my fellow Young Republicans.  It was indeed a memorable moment.  

I also distinctly remember our Dartmouth GOP Backyard BBQ where we had over 200-250 guests attend.  Of course, I thank RMG posters for their attendance & help in promotion.  That said, back in August if we were able to turn out that many people… that could’ve only be a sign of the great things to come from US Senator Scott Brown to the November elections!

What a year it has been.  We’ve come very far… but we have very far to go.  Celebrating is great but the satsifaction of accomplishing our immediate goals of party building, candidate recruitment, fundraising, and the like – the unsexy stuff – should be just as sweet in the long run.

Keep up the good work so we don’t slide back & lose our gains!

January 28, 2010

Dear State Committee Members:

A year ago yesterday, I was honored with your confidence and became Chairman of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee.  From my very first day on the job, I committed myself to working with you to restore and rebuild the party in Massachusetts.

I am pleased to say that the Massachusetts Republican Party is in a very different place than we were a year ago.  I honestly recall a time just 365 days ago at our State Party headquarters when the computers crashed at 4 pm every day, we had three working phones, and we were ecstatic to have 30 people at a MassGOP event.  Needless to say, times have changed.  We are light years from where we started, and we were prepared, as a party should be, to play a major supporting role in the recent historic election of Senator-elect Scott Brown.

I can actually recall the moment when I noticed a perceptible shift in the Republican Party’s momentum here in Massachusetts, at the Lincoln Reagan Dinner in June. My friend and colleague Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele stood on stage with a delegation of Massachusetts College Republicans, as we honored the grassroots efforts of our passionate and talented activists. I could see it right then; movement and energy were building from the ground up.

The groundswell continued in 2009 as the Massachusetts Republican Party together performed the unglamorous legwork of organizing town committees and rebuilding donor lists.  We conducted a thorough audit of our Republican town, city and ward committees, and with your help organized a substantial amount. Over 400 of a possible 600 of our Republican town, city and ward committees are now organized in Massachusetts. This represents a gain of just under 100 additional Republican town, city and ward committees in only one year.

We set a goal to raise more than $1 million and retire outstanding debt.  We have done that.  Our generous donors have attended many special events we have hosted, from gathering the four former Republican governors of Massachusetts, to events with national Republican leaders like Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer and Sen. Bob Bennett (R-UT).

In the fall of 2009, another critical turning point occurred in the MassGOP’s resurgence, when the state party filed a high-profile lawsuit and gave voice to a frustrated Massachusetts electorate-Republicans, independents, and Democrats alike. The Democrat Party demonstrated their sense of entitlement to our state’s U.S. Senate seat when they manipulated the law to give Governor Patrick appointment authority. As a state party, we applied pressure and resistance to highlight the Democrats hypocritical power grab and conducted a major media blitz.  While we did not know it then, this was a prelude to Senator-elect Scott Brown’s resonant campaign theme: “It’s the People’s Seat!”

Senator-elect Scott Brown’s victory is a clear message to us all: Voters are looking to restore a two-party system in 2010.  The Republican Party and our great candidates are ready to give voters the choices they deserve.  

Candidate recruitment for 2010 was strong even before the Brown victory, with about 75 candidates who had opened a state or federal campaign account. We have many more potential candidates who were still weighing whether to run. Two days ago, we launched a Republican candidate recruitment drive on our website and in the social media sphere. In less than 48 hours, over 40 new potential candidates have contacted us wanting to run for office as Republicans.

Promoting the candidate recruitment drive has been part of a strong, year-long communications effort to promote the Republican brand in Massachusetts.  We have been a consistent voice in local, state and national media.  In 2009, I conducted more than 100 media interviews, and our staff has been busy issuing press releases to the media, sending talking points to candidates and activists, and keeping our supporters informed with a weekly newsletter.  By providing up-to-date information, we can all be spokesmen for the party across our great state.

The upcoming Republican State Convention on April 17th in Worcester is an opportunity for us to rally around our shared core principles of limited government, individual responsibility and personal freedoms. There is no doubt, it’s an exciting time to be a Massachusetts Republican, and voters have grown tired of one-party dominance of the state’s government and congressional delegation. Our message of restoring a balance of power, as a check on corruption and waste, is resonating and will continue to echo with voters this year.

I thank you for all of your dedication. While together we have accomplished much in our first year, there’s lots of hard work ahead!

Yours in Victory,


Jennifer A. Nassour, Esq.


Massachusetts Republican Party

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