Tsongas Looking for a Small Business to Tour

In an email obtained by Red Mass Group, Nikki Tsongas’s (D-Lowell) staff with less than a week to go before a business roundtable was still looking for a business to tour for a photo-op.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered space and interest in tours.  However, the plan has changed since there has been such a broad positive response to the invitation that the round table has been opened up to all who would like to attend.

Hence, on next Wednesday February 17th, The Tour will be at 10am and then the round table discussion will follow the tour at the Ayer Town Hall Great meeting Room at 11AM.

Following the round table (in a couple weeks), there will be a teleconference with various people from government agencies on the line to answer questions partially developed at the initial discussion as well as  to help small business get solutions to issues.

Would any body be interested in having a tour in Ayer Shirley or Harvard? Only one company will get a tour. Preferably this will be a company with 10-30 employees. The congresswoman is focusing on this part of her region for this event. We have a couple of possible locations but nothing firm yet.

Please RSVP to as soon as you can by email to:

Stacie Hargis, Economic Development  Representative, Office of Congresswoman Niki Tsongas

Her email is: Stacie.Hargis@mail.house.gov

Please let Stacie know whether you are interested in the tour, the round table or if you would like to participate in the follow up teleconference.

Please forward this to any business owner in our region that you think would be interested.

The email shows that she is trying to ramp up her outreach to business owners, no doubt brought upon by the Scott Brown victory.   The interesting thing is even though the staff claims that there has been overwhelming support, they still hadn’t lined up a business to tour with the press for tomorrow’s event as of late last week.

Reached for comment Tory Mazzola of the National Republican Congressional Committee said, “It looks like Tsongas is trying to make up for her partisan, job-killing record.  Unfortunately for her, she’s going to find more ‘anger and frustration’ because small business owners oppose her plans for more bureaucracy and higher taxes, including government-run healthcare and cap-and-trade legislation.  The question is this: Will she use this opportunity to apologize for supporting Pelosi 98% of the time?”

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