Tim Cahill

(It is time for a Tim Cahill Open Thread.  Here it is.  Don’t hold anything back. – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie)

The latest release from Cahill goes like this:

State Treasurer and gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill rebuffed Governor Patrick’s recent loan proposal and expressed serious concern over its affect on the economy. Cahill states, “The governor’s proposal will not move the economy… We have to put more money back in people’s hands through tax cuts and lowering the cost of doing business.” The governor’s proposal comes at the same he is proposing additonal tax increases.


These words sound about the same as those that we hear from Charlie Baker. So what do we know about Cahill? As a conservative leaning blog I think positive discusion of Cahill is appropriate as long as he chooses to openly discuss cutting taxes.

What else do we know about him? Anyone?

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