Tim Cahill Fiscal Conservative?

There has been a lot of talk on Red Mass Group over the past week about whether or not Tim Cahill is a viable conservative alternative, or is he the same Democratic hack he was in 2006?  

According to State House News Service, Cahill told the AFL-CIO breakfast the following yesterday.

Charging Gov. Deval Patrick with scapegoating public employees, Treasurer Timothy Cahill told labor unions Thursday he would defend the state’s public pension system from proposals to scale back benefits for current workers and said Patrick and Republican gubernatorial candidate Charles Baker were hunting for headlines with their pension reform plans. “I think the governor and Baker are just looking for some cheap headlines, and they’re getting them,” Cahill told reporters after addressing the state AFL-CIO annual conference in Plymouth.”

Tim Cahill is defending run away pension abuse. That doesn’t seem like a strong fiscally conservative position. That seems like a hack opinion.  

Charlie Baker had the following to say about Cahill’s position, “By defending our broken and out-of-control pension system, Tim Cahill revealed his true stripes as an out-of-touch Beacon Hill insider who places special interests before the interests of taxpayers.  Defending a bloated pension system that rewards political insiders sends a clear message to voters that Tim Cahill believes there are two different standards – one for the well-connected, and another for everybody else.  My pension reform plan will reform the pension system, end abuse, and make it fair to the taxpayers and to pensioners.  Let’s put an outsider in charge of Beacon Hill”

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