The CLT LEGISLATIVE RATING for the 2009 session

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The CLT LEGISLATIVE RATING for the 2009 session

How’d your state representative and senator rate with 2009 taxpayer votes?

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  • Tisei (R-Wakefield) 100%


  • Thank you to CLT (Citizens for Limited Taxation) for ALL the work you do.  Thank you today ..thank you tomorrow and THANK YOU especially on behalf of everyone who lives in a town/city in MA which has to keep the increase in taxation at or under 2.5% because of all your hard work over the years.  Barbara Anderson, Chip Faulkner and the rest of the team should be up for Massachusetts Sainthood!  

  • What are the roll call votes this is based on and how many were there?  It would seem that this would be a pretty easy year to get a 100% if the only grade they’re scoring is the sales tax increase and some budget amendments.

    What leadership!  Thanks CLT–that’s huge! (sarc)

    How about, oh I don’t know, recruiting and electing candidates at the local level?

  • Why do people call him a conservative Democrat?

    He was even endorsed by NARAL in a Democrat Primary.

    I know him. I like him. He is an awesome guy, very nice, funny, but he is a liberal.

  • chipford

    Below is what CLT’s 2 1/2 PAC did to help in the effort to elect a new Legislature in 2008. What have YOU done to help?

    I’ll graciously accept your apology on behalf of CLT, its members and supporters, as soon as you offer it. In the meantime, I suggest that you stop digging your hole deeper — that’s the first step in climbing out . . .

    Feel free to make a contribution yourself when you get around to it.

    CLT’s PAC endorsed candidates in 2008:

    CLT’s PAC contributions to candidates, 2008:

    2/20/2008 14766 CTE Bob Valeri

    7 Wheaton Rd. Arlington , MA 02474 Donation $200.00

    6/18/2008 13274 CTE Scott Brown Committee

    P. O. Box 566 Wrentham , MA 02093   $500.00

    9/20/2008 14846 CTE Anthony Lucacio

    24 Turner Rd. Billerica , MA 01862 Donation $500.00

    10/16/2008 14748 CTE John Blaisdell

    12 Harris St. Marblehead , MA 01945 Donation $200.00

    10/16/2008 14811 CTE John Lebeaux

    c/o Ron Rosen, Treasurer 48 Maple Ave. Shrewsbury , MA 01545 Donation $500.00

    9/20/2008 14450 CTE Lonnie Brennan

    9 Hamilton Terrace Georgetown , MA 01833 Donation $500.00

    9/4/2008 14755 CTE Paul Avella

    Box 1182 Littleton , MA 01460 Donation $200.00

    9/4/2008 14582 CTE Stephen A. Lynch

    Po Box 412 Marshfield , MA 02020 Donation $300.00

    9/20/2008 14749 CTE Steve Levy

    61 Old Grady Rd. Marlborough , MA 01752 Donation $500.00

    10/8/2008 14739 The Cangiamila Campaign

    2 Sylvan Rd. Billerica , MA 01821 Donation $500.00

    9/20/2008 14559 The Martinez Campaign

    1 Carter Drive Chelmsford , MA 01824 Donation $500.00

    10/21/2008 14862 CTE Brian P. O’Connor

    54 Wedgemere Ave. Winchester , MA 01890 Donation $500.00

    10/21/2008 14800 CTE George T. Ross

    4 Rock Rd. Attleboro , MA 02703 Donation $500.00

    10/23/2008 14865 CTE Kevin Kuros

    18 Yankees Way MA  Donation $500.00

    10/21/2008 14818 CTE Kurt Hayes

    PO Box 751 Acton , MA 01720 Donation $500.00

    10/21/2008 14755 CTE Paul Avella

    PO Box 1182 MA  Donation  $300.00

    10/21/2008 14488 CTE Ron Chernisky

    158 Clemence Hill MA  Donation  $500.00

    10/21/2008 13033 CTE Susan Pope

    PO Box 151 Wayland , MA 01778 Donation $500.00

    10/27/2008 14806 CTE William Scibelli

    364 Bliss Rd. Longmeadow , MA 01106 Donation $500.00

    10/21/2008 14799 Friends of CJ Ferry

    300 Buffington St. MA  Donation  $200.00

  • I have no idea why people are denigrating CLT here. They have been an effective and much needed voice for the taxpayers. Heck, they have been fighting and wining battles on behalf of taxpayers since before I was alive.

    If you want more votes on tax issues, ask your legislators or the GOP leadership why they didn’t call for more roll call votes. CLT cannot control that. All they can do is issue ratings based upon what happened in the legislature that year.

    Every homeowner in the state owes them a debt of gratitude for keeping their property taxes from getting completely out of control. They have ahead of the curve regarding sounding the alarm about public pensions in an effort to drum up public awareness and outrage. And, they have always been there to help activists fight overrides in their communities.

    I have sent in my, albeit modest, membership renewal, and I encourage everyone to contribute. They run a tight ship, and even a small contribution goes a long way.