The Candidates Dilemna – With Poll

I made a comment on another thread about how candidates respond to invitations from hostile groups.  It turned into bashing of a specific candidate, so I’m reposting it here, where I hope it can remain a general discussion.  It was prompted by a candidate deciding not to attend a scheduled event when they realized the event was probably a set up from the other camp.  Here’s the comment:

OK – I have a question. And this isn’t a smear or criticism of (candidate)

Why WOULDN’T you go into a hostile room?

Face it – if you are elected, you’ll be visiting a LOT of them.

Not objective?  A backstabbing smear job?  So what?

Bring your own video camera, and your own personality and attitude – and say I do/don’t agree, here’s why, and thanks for the opportunity.

A candidate can find LOTS of friendly forums, either invited or created – it’s how they handle themselves in the others that shows their ability to represent.  This isn’t the old days, when the reporting of events ws controlled by a few in the media.  A candidate now has the abiltity to create their own and objective record of who said what and when.

As I said, NOT a criticism of (candidate) – you have met these people, I haven’t, and she’s a smart woman.  But instead of just the usual RMG bashing – why not have a discussion of a hypothetical, using this as an example. I waited until this was over so it could BE a hypothetical.

Oh, and stay classy, (group) – posting like this will REALLY make people want to speak to your group…

Yr. Obedient Servant, Peter Porcupine, Republican

Thu Feb 25, 2010 at 11:59:45 AM EST

So what do you think as activists, RMG?  Should a candidate deliberately go into hostile territory?  (I admit I am a fan of this).

What do you do when an event TURNS hostile unexpectedly, or you fail to realize it was a setup?  Do you really need to record every event?  (I admit I am a fan of this as well).  Does recording an event destroy casual interchange and discussion?  Is it worth it to lose that to protect the candidate?

Thoughts?  (And please – try to keep it general, not about specific candidates, campaigns, or incidents.)

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