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  • The Herald figures and the Globe figures differ wildly.



    Baker, a former CEO of Harvard Pilgrim, scooped up $12,400 from Harvard Pilgrim Health Care employees alone, including donations from CFO James Ducharme and senior vice president Laura Peabody.

    Baker’s big-bucks campaign has taken in at least $90,000 from donors connected to hospitals, HMOs and pharmaceutical companies, according to a Herald review of Baker’s donors.


    A Boston Globe analysis of contributor reports shows that in seven months Baker’s campaign raised more than $122,000 in contributions tied directly to Harvard Pilgrim. This includes not only $43,000 in contributions from Harvard Pilgrim’s employees, directors, and affiliated companies, but also a broad array of vendors: its accountants, auditing firm, advertising agency, information technology providers, and consultants.

    In total, Baker has raised at least $263,000 from employees of health-care providers, other insurers, and related businesses in the health-care sector. That’s about 10 percent of the $2.57 million he has raised overall.

    What’s the deal?

  • Unlike Baker, Mihos apprantlhy doesn’t maintain a flying squad to post negative stories about his opponents, preferring instead to write about himself and his idea.

    He doesn’t seem to realize that the only way to build a village (or party) is to destroy it.

    And before you go off about 2006 – based on the tactics and campaigning you’ve seen from the Baker people, formerly the Healey people, how hard is it for you to believe that he left because of dirty tricks?

  • you explain why I should be outraged?

    OMG!!!!  A political candidate is…..gasp…….RAISING CAMPAIGN $$$$!!!