Sandi Martinez Campaign Withdraws From College Republican Event


(WALTHAM, MA, 24 February 2010)-The Sandi Martinez campaign has withdrawn from the Defeat Susan Fargo Night! hosted by the Bentley University Republicans, less than 24 hours before the event.

The Bentley Republicans issued a statement:

“We are very disappointed and puzzled by the decision of the Martinez Campaign to withdraw from our event with less than 24 hours notice.  

Mrs. Martinez’s withdrawal comes as a complete surprise to us. We were all looking forward to hosting Sandi until her campaign abruptly notified us on February 23 that she withdraws from our event to “accept another speaking engagement”.

We are especially troubled and confused by the reasons she cited for her decision. Sandi’s campaign claims that the format of the event was suddenly changed on February 22nd. However, on that same day, we came to a definite agreement about the format for the Night in a conversation with her campaign manager, Michael Benn. We fully cooperated with the Martinez Campaign and never deviated from the agreed-upon format.

Despite Sandi’s withdrawal, we are still holding the Night. We want to stress the importance for members of the community and other College Republicans to attend this event. It will be a great chance to ask Selectman Eric Dahlberg, the candidate who honored his commitment to us, about his plans for his campaign and the Third Middlesex District.

The Night will also serve as an excellent opportunity for people to become involved in bringing good government, responsibility and transparency back to Beacon Hill.


Bentley University Republicans”

Defeat Susan Fargo Night! will take place as scheduled at 7-9 pm today, Wednesday, 24 February at:

Bentley University, 175 Forest Street, Waltham, MA, LaCava Building, Room 305.

Visitors will just need to receive a temporary parking pass from University Police.

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