Launching 03.01.10

If you read the Boston Phoenix article about Red Mass Group today, you may have noticed the following.

RMG’s recent hot streak has Eno thinking very, very big……….. that he plans to launch a regional conservative political site (possible name: Red Nor’easter) this spring.

It is indeed happening. And the name is RedNoreaster.  It goes live on March 1, 2010.  Let your friends in other Northeast States know.

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  • That you passed on naming it “Red Tide.” đŸ˜‰

  • Because “conservative storm” implies that the Republicans coming up are actually conservative. While I’ll be the first to agree that Scott Brown is a conservative, and most likely more conservative than he even let on in the primary, the idea that Charlie Baker is anything right of a moderate is laughable. In many ways, he’s a more functional Deval Patrick, and his affiliation with Bill Weld (who I and many liberals consider the only good governor we’ve had since the Duke) doesn’t give him a ringing endorsement for conservativism, either.

    I’m not necessarily sure that the word “conservative” really applies to either party anymore. There are qualities in both parties that are incredibly conservative, and others that are incredibly liberal. So unless “conservative” is code for “what non-religious right, fiscally responsible Republicans are supporting right now,” the term is guess is unfounded.

    Perhaps “A republican storm is coming,” or more appropriately “a reactionary storm is coming.”