Night Owls and Howie Carr: Good News for the GOP, Bad News for Alien Hunters

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed this yet, but WRKO changed its lineup this week. They are replaying the entire Howie Carr broadcast at night. The drive home broadcast may be heard from 1:00 A.M. to 5:00 A.M. This is good news for conservatives in the region. Obviously, the audience is much smaller, but it is a different audience. This will provide a platform for Howie and the Republicans who frequently call or visit his show to reach a new audience.  

Unfortunately, WRKO dumped Coast to Coast AM. I have to admit that I’ll miss the tin-foil-hat-wearers a little bit. I rarely believed anything on that show, but found it amusing nonetheless. There was something oddly comforting about sitting alone at 3:00 A.M in the morning and listening to updates on Big Foot, alien abductions and secret armies on the dark side of the moon. I guess I watched too much X-Files in the nineties.

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