Martha Coakley Formally Announces Reelection Bid

Massachusetts Attorney General and former US Senate candidate Martha Coakley has formally announced that she is running for reelection. After her failed bid for the US Senate her staffers mentioned that she was planning on seeking reelection but no formal announcement was made until tonight in an email to supporters. It appears that her campaign retrofitted her US Senate website for a run for AG. She is including press releases from the AG’s office on part of her campaign website.

The Republican Party does not have a declared candidate for the race. Former US Attorney Michael Sullivan, who was thought by many as potential candidate, has declared he is not running.

There are some grumblings about a potential Tim Cruz candidacy. Cruz is the District Attorney for Plymouth County.

Martha Coakley has $93,259.67 on hand in her state campaign account, not including her savings balance of 546,738. She ended 2009 with $638,811 on hand.

Tim Cruz has $103,960.14 on hand in his state campaign account, not including his $175,374.65 savings account balance. He ended 2009 with $271,369.91 on hand including his savings account balance.  

Dear Friends,

You have been such a loyal friend and supporter, and I wanted you to be the first to know that today I took out nomination papers to seek re-election as your Attorney General.

There is no question that the families I have met across this Commonwealth are struggling right now. There is an incredible sense of insecurity and uncertainty in so many people’s daily lives.

Now more than ever, people need and expect their government to be working effectively for them. And they should accept nothing less.

That is why I am running for Attorney General. I understand the important work this office does in standing up for people and getting things done that matter in their lives. I want to continue to lead those fights on your behalf.

We will continue to stand up for taxpayers and hold the companies who caused this economic collapse accountable. We will challenge utility and health care companies to keep costs down for families and businesses. And we will continue the important work of protecting our children from the new and growing threats to their safety.

We will work every day dedicated to meeting these challenges and more, and I am energized by the opportunities to continue that important work on your behalf.

Thank you again for all that you have done and I am asking for your support in this race. I look forward to seeing you out on the campaign trail.

Peter Flaherty is rumored to be considering a run for AG but I have less reliable sources on that.  

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