John Edwards beat his wife in marriage-ending fight…..

This story is just breaking, but I wanted to be the first to share the news.  Politics Daily is reporting that almost Vice President, almost President, former politician John Edwards beat his wife in a marriage-ending fight over the Christmas holidays.

John Edwards allegedly struck his wife, Elizabeth, around the Christmas holidays, in what the National Enquirer on Wednesday called “a horrific marriage-ending fight.” This is the first time physical violence has been alleged in the very public and tawdry unraveling of their 32-year marriage.

This after stories of his now proven infidelity to his cancer stricken wife.  With the recent news of there being a sex video it is no wonder that Elizabeth has filed for divorce from the dirt bag.  

The story of Edwards physical abuse is also being picked up by The Examiner.

“Disgraced former presidential candidate John Edwards reportedly beat his cancer-stricken wife during a horrific marriage-ending fight.

“John lost his temper big time,” a close friend of Elizabeth’s revealed to the National Enquirer. “She has the divorce papers drawn up, but she can amend them to charge John with domestic violence.”

This is a very big story.  Worst of all, this guy was out telling the world that he was qualified to lead the nation as our Commander in Chief.  And John Kerry thought he was a good pick for Vice President.  

Certainly we can question the integrity of the news source here, but let’s remember that John Edwards was repeatedly cheating on his cancer stricken wife, denying it in public and all the while making sex videos of the ordeal.  Let’s not forget denying the paternity of his own out-of-wedlock child.  I think I might believe anything right about now.  

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