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If you are a candidate, post your ideas for creating jobs and improving the economy, and drop in a link to donate to.

If you support a candidate, tell us how they will create jobs or improve the economy, again with a donation link. My personal ideas below the fold.  

I think we need the following.

It is all about Jobs. And it has been for a while. We must look at states that have drawn businesses and replicate the incentive programs that they have implemented. Further, we must bolster industries we have already established, such as resturants, tourism and higher education, that are not being maximized to their potential.

We need The Massachusetts Small Business Act. In order to best help small businesses in Massachusetts, the first step is to repeal the following tax increases implemented by Governor Deval Patrick. The Sales Tax Increase, the Meals Tax Increase, the Alcohol Tax Increase, The Hotel Tax Increase and the RMV Fee Increase. Further, a Sales Tax Holiday Weekend should be scheduled twice a year when in a recession and or unemployment is over 5%, and once a year regularly

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