Jim Stanton for State Representative

Jim Stanton is running for State Representative in the 12th Norfolk district against 9 term incumbent John Rogers.  Jim Stanton has $11,582.32 and John Rogers has $28,873.20  cash on hand according to their 2009 year end reports with OCPF.

Jim Stanton is a member of the Walpole Zoning Board of Appeals and is a former prosecutor for the Department of Justice.  He later co-founded the law firm Stanton and Flaherty where he still practices.  More information can be found on his campaign website JimStanton2010.com or his facebook page.

John Rogers was the former Democrat Majority Leader under Sal DiMasi until his unsuccessful fight for speaker against Robert DeLeo.  Now he is nothing.  While Sal DiMasi is now gone, John Rogers still has scandals left behind.  According to the Boston Globe

Rogers has been dogged by his own ethics scandal: He has been accused of paying a consultant with campaign funds, who in turn made mortgage payments on Rogers’s Cape Cod vacation home.

John Rogers has been fined agreed to a settlement of $30,000 with OCPF so far.

The 12th Norfolk district is a very good one for a Republican.  Scott Brown won the district by nearly 25% and Walpole was won by both Kerry Healey and John McCain outright.  It consists of the town of Norwood and precincts 1, 2, 6 and 7, of the town of Walpole.

John Rogers had no general election opponent in 2008, 2006, 2004 or 2002.


Scott Brown vs Martha Coakley 2010 results:

12th Norfolk

Norwood: 6,568 to 4,532

Walpole :7,604 to 3,565 4/8: 3,802 to 1,783

TOTAL (est): 10,370 to 6,315

TOTAL (est): 62.2% to 37.8%

Scott Brown won by 5% statewide, and won by 24.4% in the 12th Norfolk.

Obama vs McCain 2008 Results:

12th Norfolk

Norwood: 7,892 to 6,010

Walpole: 6,586 to 6,712, 4/8: 3,293 to 3,356

TOTAL (est): 11,185 to 9,366

TOTAL (est): 54.4% to 45.6%

John McCain lost by 26% statewide, but only 8.8% in the 12th Norfolk.

Healey + Mihos vs Patrick + Ross 2006 Results:

12th Norfolk

Norwood: 4,608 + 935 vs. 5,304 + 216

Walpole: 4,718 + 799 vs. 4,432 + 185, 4/8: 2,359 + 400 vs. 2,216 + 93

TOTAL (est): 6,967 + 1,335 vs. 7,520 + 309 = 16131

TOTAL (est): 43.2% + 8.3% vs. 46.6% + 1.9%

Kerry Healy lost by 21% statewide, but only 3.4% in the 12th Norfolk.  If the Mihos and Ross numbers are included, “conservative” leaning candidates lost to the “liberal” candidates 16% statewide, but won by 3.0% in the 12th Norfolk.

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