Jeff Perry Announces Run For Congress, Leaving State House

Jeff Perry’s announcement that he is running for US Congress in the 10th Congressional District makes him the early front runner among the declared candidates.

“It’s the right time and I’m the guy for district,” Perry said.

The other declared Republican candidates are CPA Ray Kasperowicz of Cohasset and former governors council candidate Don Hussey of Hingham. State Senator Bob Hedlund and former state treasurer Joe Malone are considering runs for congress.

According to the Cape Cod Times the current congressman, Bill Delahunt, will not make a decision to run for reelection until March when nomination papers become available. He does not have a declared Democratic primary challenger at this time.

When asked about his politics he said that he is a “Jeff Perry Republican.”

“Government is growing bigger every day and the ability of states to control their own destiny is diminishing everyday,” said Perry.

Perry’s run for congress bars him from running for reelection as a state rep leaving his seat in the 5th Barnstable District open for the fall elections

“I’m a term limits guy anyway,” said Perry.

Perry said that he would institute the same policy for himself if he is elected to the US Congress. “If I am elected to the US Congress I will limit myself to four or five terms,” he said.

There is speculation that Sandwich Selectman and CPA Randy Hunt will run for Perry’s vacant seat.

There is no Democratic challenger at this time.  

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  • That is admirable for an elected official to self-impose term limits.  Good luck Jeff, though I am curious to see how the race unfolds!

  • If Perry Term Limited himself why did he run for Minority Leader, with one foot out the door, against Brad Jones ?

  • Someone wrote on Jessica Van Sack Herald Blog that Perry’s run is a “fools errand” I agree. You cant win this one from the Cape.  Jeff , Run for Senate. Therese can be taken out!  All you are doing is holding back fundraising for the two more viable candidates,Malone or Hedlund.