J.D. Hayworth to challenge John McCain w/ poll


PHOENIX — Former congressman J.D. Hayworth is kicking off a campaign challenging John McCain for his Senate seat — setting up a showdown between well-known Republicans that promises to be McCain’s toughest re-election battle.

Hayworth, a conservative talk-radio host, is inaugurating his effort with a rally in Phoenix Monday morning followed by a three-day statewide tour.

On his webiste, JD Hayworth attacks John McCain for opposing the Bush tax cuts, supporting TARP, supporting the auto bailouts, sponsoring “Cap and Trade,” sponsoring amnesty for illegal immigrants, passing campaign finance reform, voting against the Federal Marriage Amendment, his role in the “gang of 14” involved in judicial appointments, opposing “enhanced interrogation techniques,” supporting the closing of Guantanamo Bay, voting to confirm Eric Holder as Attorney General, and having lower ACU ratings.


United States Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) and Sarah Palin will campaign for Senator McCain.

John McCain for Senate

J.D. Hayworth for Senate

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