It’s Official: UMass Merges with Southern New England School of Law

As a fiscal conseravtive, I’ve been more than a little leery about the financial implications of merging the Southern New England School of Law with the University of Massachusetts.  

That said, the Board of Higher Education uanimously approved the merger and well, considering that SNSEL, UMD, & I all reside in the Town of Dartmouth (UMD Class of 2001) this certainly is major news for my SouthCoast area and the rest of the Commonwealth.

For financial good or ill, the merger is a done deal.  Now, we’ll have to ensure that the new UMass School of Law is run reasonably & rationally with prudent fiscally conservative principles.

BRIDGEWATER – The Board of Higher Education today approved the creation of Massachusetts’ first public law school, a historic vote that opens the doors for the first class of students to enroll in the fall.

Under the controversial plan, vehemently opposed by three private law schools, UMass-Dartmouth will acquire the private Southern New England School of Law, which is donating its campus and assets to the state.

The public law school, which will face the challenge of getting accredited by the American Bar Association, will focus on public service law with a curriculum in civil and human rights, legal support for operating businesses, community law practice, and economic justice.

UMass-Dartmouth expects to create a program to give students enrolled in any UMass campus the opportunity to earn an accelerated law degree, compacting their undergraduate studies into three years and beginning the first year of law school during their senior year.…

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