I won’t vote for Baker or Mihos, and certainly not Cahill or Patrick, now what?

And don’t even suggest I vote for the Rainbow, Green Party or socialist goofballs.

I am not asking for much, really.  I want a fiscal moderate/conservative that understands how to balance a budget, get debt under control and keep taxes from eating up my pay check.  I want a social moderate/conservative that hasn’t endorsed gay marriage or bathroom legislation.  I want someone that hasn’t been indicted for a crime.  I want someone that has consistently paid his/her taxes on time.  The person should have some private industry experience so he/she knows the concerns of business owners.  Ideally have some political experience so can work around the state house without looking like a fool.

Isn’t there anyone that fits that bill interested in running for the Governor’s office?  Can’t the Republican Party come up with one person that fits all those characteristics?  

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