I was just thinking..

Washington DC snowed-in:  Is that so bad?

Blizzard check list:
Twelve pack bud
Matches and candles
D batteries
Two gallons milk
Sarah Palin blow up doll.

I still go to Simco’s.  Is Lawton’s by the Sea still open?  No doubt Double Dip Willie could afford it.

You heard it here first: John Tobin will be the next Mayor of Boston.

Memo to Imus: Not even crickets listen now.

Looks like Terry Murray won’t be the next Member of Congress from the 10thCD.

If you run a successful blog and your not thinking of video, you are toast.

Before 9/11 you could easily access a small door on the Senate side and walk up inside the golden dome of the State House.

Steve Grossman could be Republican if he was not such a Democrat.  Did Murph jump in just so we could call this Battle of the Steve's?

Beautiful mind?  My four year old girl.

They must have rocks in their head:  a sheriff, a defeated State Rep, and a nice guy from the Clinton administration is that the best the Dems have for auditor?  Guy walks in primary.

Jim O’Sullivan is my favorite reporter.

Equipment truck leaves Friday.

The best interactive website of any statewide candidate I’ve seen belongs to Obama Jr.

Love Dick Cavett.

Boston City Councilor Rob Consalvo does the best Senator Kennedy impression of all time.

Mike, in the book of life, there is a yuck on every page.


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