Herald: Joe Kennedy III will not run for Congress

(Go, Jeff, Go! – promoted by Paul “Cool Cal” Ferro)

According to the Jessica Van Sack, the Kennedys are staying keeping the family name out of politics this year.

Joseph P. Kennedy III will not seek election to U.S. Rep. William Delahunt’s seat, a source tells the Herald.

Kennedy had been widely rumored to be considering a run, but a source close to the Barnstable county prosecutor says he will not run, whether or not Delahunt seeks re-election.

Kennedy confirmed the news in an interview.

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  • check out this video  http://www.citizensenergy.com/

  • MerrimackMan

    Sen. O’Leary’s insistence that he will run if Delahunt doesn’t scared him off.

  • republicanvoices

    Joe, Go!

  • Joe is running

  • Did you see Joe on Fox 25 this morning? Did you see the front page story about his family in the Ledger last week? Once Joe announces he looses his gig on Fox 25. As of now he still gets a whole bunch of earned media that he actually gets paid for! Looks like a real smart strategy to hold off on his announcement and take advantage of all the free media he can. Right now nobody is talking about Jeff Perry and he has actually announced…so…announcing too early pretty much guarantees you a media blackout. Joe Malone is unannounced and is everywhere…so that looks to me like a pretty good strategy. Just because he hasnt announced doesnt mean hes not running. If anything all indicators point to him getting into this race after March 15th. If you think otherwise your just small-minded and short-sighted.