Greene: I’m Out, Billerica State Rep Retiring

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The Lowell Sun reports that nine Term State Representative Bill Greene (D-Billerica) will not seek re-election, and in the process, open up a Conservative district for a serious Republican pickup oppurtunity in November. Finally, a little changing of the guard in the Merrimack Valley.

Chris Camire, Lowell Sun


BILLERICA — State Rep. Bill Greene, a Democrat who has represented Billerica in the Statehouse since 1992, announced yesterday that he will not seek a 10th term.

Greene’s decision, which he attributed to wanting to spend more time with his wife and family, gives Republicans an opportunity to pick up a seat on Beacon Hill amid growing discontent with the political establishment.

Expressing a desire to enjoy his retirement while he is healthy, Greene, 69, said this is the right time to step away from the daily responsibilities that being a state representative calls for.

“I’m just happy with having done it, and I think I can now move forward,” Greene said. “There really are no big, earth-shattering reasons for leaving.”

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The ensuing race for the 22nd Middlesex should be hotly contested, with even a slight advantage to the GOP for the pick up. As the Sun point out, a number of Republicans are already looking at the seat, and have a good level of visibility in Billerica Town politics already.

Potential Republican Candidates Include:

Billerica Selectman and 2004 State Rep. Nominee Marc Lombardo (R-Billerica)

Billerica Selectman Marc Rosa (R-Billerica)

Potential Democratic Candidates Include:

2008 State Rep. Candidate Jim O’Donnell (D-Billerica)

Fmr. Billerica Selectwoman Ellen Rawling (D-Billerica)


The 22nd Middlesex is one of the few finely crafted State Rep. Districts, containing all and only the Town of Billerica.

Billerica was once a Democratic Stronghold, but its Reagan Democratic roots have brought it towards the GOP in recent years. It was a key part of the Reagan victories in 1980 and 1984, after giving Carter a 2,000 vote margin of victory in 1976. While like much of the state, Billerica fell hard for Clinton in 1992 (Helping Greene pick this seat off from then State Rep. Brion Cangiamila), Billerica has bucked the state in recent years, voting for Healey in ’06, Ogonowski in ’07, and VERY narrowly for Obama in ’08.

2002 Gubernatorial Election

Romney (R) 7,738 (58.5%)

O’Brien (D) 4,782 (36.1%)

Others 711

2004 Presidential Election

Kerry (D) 9,399 (52.3%)

Bush (R) 8,422 (46.8%)

Others 165

2006 Gubernatorial Election

Healey (R) 6,029 (45.1%)

Patrick (D) 5,740 (43.0%)

Mihos (I) 1,315 (9.8%)

Ross (G) 272 (2.0%)

2008 Presidential Election

Obama (D) 9,688 (50.2%)

McCain (R) 9,274 (48.0%)

Others 341

2010 US Senate Special Election (BLOWOUT ALERT)

Brown (R) 9,587 (65.1%)

Coakley (D) 4,972 (33.8%)

Kennedy (I) 156 (1.1%)

Others 6

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