Government Jobs Report Reveals Stimulus Is Reviving Economy

This morning, the government surprised analysts and released data indicating that the unemployment rate for January FELL SHARPLY DOWN TO 9.7%.This adds more fuel to the argument that government stimulus has indeed produced the desired benifit to the job market but has just taken a little longer than expected to kick in.…

Looking inside todays numbers we see that for the month net job LOSSES were steepest in the construction industry followed by …

Huh, job losses?

Ah well.

Following yesterdays equaly surprising announcement that the same government report has misestimated total job losses by some 1.2 million jobs in the past year …

Huh, how can you misestimate job losses by 1.2 million jobs?

Umm ..

Anyhow, together we can and yes we can and stuff like that.

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