Globe Still On the Kennedy Bandwagon

Couched in the ambiguous headline, “Kennedy family’s political future is murky,” the Boston Globe’s Sunday article was a thinly-veiled puff piece for the Next Great Hope of Hyannisport, Joseph P. Kennedy III. Get a load of this mumbo jumbo:

“Massachusetts – and Capitol Hill – without a Kennedy is like Fenway Park without the Wall,” said Dan Payne, a Democratic media consultant, referring to the famous Green Monster. “They were meant to be together.”


One of [Joe Kennedy’s] two sons, Joseph P. Kennedy III, a Harvard Law School graduate and former Peace Corps volunteer, is seen by many political insiders as the next generation’s best prospect for office. He could run for his father’s old seat, in the Eighth Congressional District, but it is unlikely that incumbent Michael Capuano will give up the post anytime soon.

His other choice could be the South Shore-Cape Cod district that William Delahunt has held since 1997. Delahunt, facing a potentially stiff contest from Republicans in his GOP-friendly district, says he is undecided about seeking reelection this year.

Democratic Party insiders say Joe Kennedy III, who has made numerous appearances at local party events, has expressed the most interest in seeking office. He is now an assistant district attorney in Barnstable County. His voting address is in Hyannis. He and his brother, Matthew, served as cochairmen of Edward Kennedy’s last reelection campaign in 2006. (Matthew Kennedy is working in the Obama administration, but is said to be more inclined to pursue a business career.)

Okay, nice little pat on the back, eh? So what’s wrong with it?

Young Joe Kennedy became a lawyer on December 2, 2009. So he’s been an “assistant district attorney” for three months.

That kind of background would make you iffy to run for state rep. But for Young Joe, it’s good enough to not even mention.

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