**Global Warming** The end is near!!

(RIP IPCC? All I can say is:

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Fox News is reporting exclusively that the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) may be seeing the end in sight.  To their existence that is!

Just one year ago a pronouncement from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) was all that was needed to move nations and change environmental policies around the world. But today, the panel’s creditability and even its very existence are in question.

After a series of flubbed predictions regarding disastrous global climate change leading to vast drought, melting glaciers and destruction of the rain forest, the IPPC has become a joke to many around the world.

The beginning of their downfall was the email scandal dubbed ‘climate gate’ in which hundreds of emails cast doubt on the reliability of the data being used by the so-called experts.

Those e-mails raised troubling questions about the panel’s impartiality and how deeply politics influenced its decisions. They show scientists discussing how to avoid sharing information with skeptics despite freedom of information laws and how to keep people with contrary ideas out of peer-reviewed journals. Dubbed “climate-gate,” the piercing of the aura of its authority prompted many to take a deeper look at the panel’s workings.

Then came more “gates”: Africa-gate, an exaggerated prediction of drought and crop losses on the continent; glacier-gate, a false claim that Himalayan glaciers would disappear in two decades; disaster-gate, an unsubstantiated claim that extreme weather, caused by global warming, was responsible for growing billions in financial losses; Amazon-gate, its prediction that the Amazon rain forest was dangerously shrinking; and Pachauri-gate, named for the panel’s chief.

As I write this the snow and freezing slush is piling up outside my windows.  The western half of Massachusetts is getting yet another major snowstorm of the season which will leave over a foot of snow on the ground.

Maybe Americans are figuring out that the whole global warming deal is a scam aimed at getting money diverted from real problems to the imaginary problems of lunatics and third world countries looking to steal hard earned American money.  Heck, even the US Senate might be getting the hint, and they never learn anything.  But alas, its not just selfish, dumb Americans that are unconcerned about the possibility of global warming.  Nope, even the British are seeing through all the lies and deception.

It seems the sea levels aren’t rising, but the levels of contempt for the alarmists is as many people are informed about the future taxes needed to save the world from imaginary weather destruction.  I think the only Cap-and-Trade we need is to ‘cap’ the politician’s mouths and then ‘trade’ them for some newly elected men and women that will actually listen to real science and the voters they claim to represent.

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