Earl Sholley Continues to Impress

As the race to replace Barney Frank begins to take shape, the only candidate that has impressed me so far is Earl Sholley from Norfolk, MA. Unlike many voters in the country, when I evaluate a candidate I start with his ideology and Earl is a rock solid conservative who looks at the world the way a traditional conservative is suppose to.  

He doesn’t put together a set of core beliefs and principles and then eliminate the ones that he thinks will hurt him in the eyes of those who have been influenced by a very liberal NorthEast culture the way Republican Sean Bielat of Brookline has. In regards to Right to Life issues and the traditional family values, Mr Bielat has decided he’ll say the things that he thinks will work in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, completely missing the biggest lesson of Scott Browns unprecedented election victory which was “times they are a changing” as the famous 1960’s song signified.

The voters in Massachusetts are no different than the voters in Virginia, and New Jersey, or States where long time Professional Democrat politicians have thrown in the towel like Chris Dodd of Connecticutt and Evan Bayh of Indiana. The writing is on the wall and they see it. The people have had enough. They’re no longer going to vote for a professional politician who is more interested in attaining power than representing the interests of their constituents.

Unlike his opponents, Earl is only planning on running for two terms and hopes to persuade the Congress to begin working on legislation that advocates term limits, so we no longer have to deal with candidates who are more interested in implementing a radical national agenda that the people clearly do not want like national health care, rather than establishing the conditions that will lend themselves towards the creation of jobs in the private sector that can actually improve the economy within the 4th District.

For years we have had some of the most powerful people in Washington supposedly representing our needs yet what do we have to show for it, besides a little pork thrown our way just before Election Day in a manner that does nothing to stimulate the economy of the region. With that kind of influence you would think that the South Coast of Massachusetts would be one of the most economically thriving areas of the country, the way it once was during the period in history when the area was the Whaling Capital of the World and the Textile Center of the Universe. You can still drive through selected neighborhoods and see old homes where the areas most prosperous participants lived during these earlier periods of prosperity. I remember watching the HBO series on “John Adams” one time and listening to the character who played Thomas Jefferson talk about negotiating with European countries on issues that related to Whaling and commerce matters from this part of the State.

If only the District had that kind of representation during the thirty years of Barney’s reign. If we did you wouldn’t feel like you were driving through a Third World Country every time you go through many other sections of New Bedford and Fall River, the 4th District’s largest cities. And when has the District’s representative done anything that might allow people to keep more of their own money or to provide incentives for businesses to create jobs and hire more employees from the area. All he has done is to continuously seek ways to enslave people to an entitlement style of government which is destined to deprive people of the economic opportunities previous generations have had in America.

But maybe we shouldn’t be too hard on Barney Frank who has become one of the most powerful members of the House during his thirty years in Washington. I mean, considering all the extra responsibilities he has, when has the leader of the House Banking Committee had time to improve the economy in his own District when he has been so busy destroying the economy of the nation as a whole by encouraging the government to give out loans to people who had no possible way of ever paying them back which by the way is what created the economic mess were in at the moment.

Earl Sholley doesn’t want 15 terms to become the Chairman of a Powerful House Committee. He wants two terms and no more than two terms to represents the 4th District properly by coming up with simple common sense solutions to problems without abandoning his rock sold conservative principles the way all his opponents apparently are ready to do. He’s been getting familiar with the needs of the 4th District for some time now and not just within the cozy confines of Brookline and Newton where Sean Bielat and Barney Frank live. And he doesn’t need to pull out a map to see how to get to New Bedford or Fall River. And he doesn’t want to embarrass the people he represents by making a laughing stock of this District on Cable TV and talk radio every day. Nor does he want the people of the 4th Congressional District to be accused by respected national talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh of holding the entire country hostage and on its’ knees because of the raving lunatic who wants to put government in charge of every aspect of our lives that they keep re-electing over and over again. Enough is enough. It’s time for Barney to go and someone with common sense to take over. Wouldn’t that be a nice change of pace?

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