Doug Rubin turning into Baghdad Bob on “Climate Change”

(Doug Rubin joins the discussion but completely misses the point.  I answer him. Let’s see if he comes back. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Doug Rubin is very close to the point where in a couple of days we’ll all be comparing him to Baghdad Bob.  Except this time it won’t be the Iraqi capital city crumbling but instead any shred of evidence of man-caused global warming.

Over the past week or so Mr. Rubin has been using his Twitter account to take potshots at Charlie Baker over Charlie’s comments that “he is not smart enough” to know if climate change is man caused.  A position that quite frankly is refreshing.  Especially given the recent developments over the past few weeks regarding the unraveling of the “climate change” movement.

Here is Rubin’s latest tweet.

Another voice contradicts Baker- “Climate changes are proven fact…Baker added fuel to…manufactured debate.”  #magov

The link is to a climate scientist’s screed against Baker in the Boston Globe.  But unfortunately for both Rubin and Kerry Emanuel of MIT, the scientist at the center of the climate gate emails now admits that “there has been no statistically significant rise in temperatures since 1995”.  That’s right no rise in global temperatures in 15 years.

Yesterday it emerged that Professor Jones, whose raw data is crucial to the theory of climate change, had admitted he has trouble “keeping track” of the information.

Colleagues have expressed concern that the reason he has refused Freedom of Information requests for the data is that he has lost some of the crucial papers.

Professor Jones also conceded for the first time that the world may have been warmer in medieval times than now. Sceptics have long argued the world was warmer between 800 and 1300AD because of high temperatures in northern countries.

Climate change advocates have always said these temperatures cannot be compared to present day global warming figures because they only apply to one specific zone.

But Professor Jones said: “There is much debate over whether the Medieval Warm Period was global in extent or not.

This is of course the latest in a recent string of setbacks for the “climate change” movement.  The head of the IPCC had to admit that falsified data was used regarding the receding of glaciers, India has formed its own agency to look into the mess separating itself from the IPCC, and the data regarding sea levels in northern Europe was called into question this past weekend.

The more and more critical eyes look at the data, and the methods the less the theories stand up.  Of course we here at Red Mass Group have long suspected that this is the case. That the consensus among climatologists is nothing more than them seeing what they want to see in order for their funding to keep coming.

Before it’s too late Doug for your own credibility lay off the climate meme.  It isn’t doing you or your candidate any good.

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