Dick Morris Leaves Mihos Campaign

(Beginning of the end for Mihos?   – promoted by Garrett Quinn)

I’m rather surprised at the departure of Dick Morris, especially considering how Christy virtually made Dick the corner stone of his campaign – or so it seemed with the heavy promotion where often times Morris received bigger billing than Christy.

Christy claims that he hopes to bring Dick Morris back in the future but evidently the Convention threw a monkey wrench into Morris’ continued employment since the turn of 2010.

National GOP political consultant Dick Morris, tapped by Republican Christy Mihos last year to guide his gubernatorial candidacy, has left the campaign, another sign of trouble for Mihos’s bid for his party’s nomination.

Morris, whose hiring Mihos trumpeted to donors and activists, told the Globe that he has not worked for Mihos for two months.

Mihos acknowledged that Morris is no longer involved in his campaign, but said that he plans to hire him back. He said his focus in recent weeks has been to work on getting enough support from delegates to win 15 percent of votes at the party’s convention in April and qualify for the September primary ballot. The other Republican running is former health care executive Charles D. Baker Jr.

Campaign advisers said Morris last year outlined a media campaign totaling as much as $15 million that was designed to begin in late 2009 and carry Mihos to a victory this November. Morris, under the plan, could have reaped huge fees. But Mihos never committed to the plan, said the advisers, who asked for anonymity to discuss campaign strategy.


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