Defining Victory: A Thought on the Baker Discussion.

The pros and cons of Charlie Baker’s campaign and choices have been debated ad nauseam on Redmassgroup.  On his choices and actions so far, everything has been said that could be said,

In an attempt to raise the debate, I offer the following.

If you are a Republican, and do not support Baker. That is your choice.

But on Election Day, if Deval Patrick is reelected; you may not claim a victory.

Victory is defined as gaining something. You have your principles already so if you chose not to support Baker nothing is gained. But Baker’s success or failures are achieved separate of your own choices.

Victory is reserved for those who actively support Patrick if he wins or Cahill if he wins.

There is no judgement here, I am simply providing food for thought. My position is as Digital underground sang, “Do what cha like.”  

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