Current Norfolk DA: Delahunt could have charged Bishop

According to the Boston Globe current Norfolk District Attorney William Keating said there was enough evidence to charge Amy Bishop with a crime in the shooting death of her brother.

Keating said that he reviewed police reports and other documents in a case file recovered Monday from a retired Braintree police captain and concluded that prosecutors had probable cause to charge Bishop with assault with a dangerous weapon, carrying a dangerous weapon, and unlawful possession of ammunition, all in her attempt after the shooting to obtain a getaway car at gunpoint from a local auto body shop.

The statute of limitations bars her prosecution now according to the Globe story.  

Bill Delahunt was the Norfolk District Attorney at the time of the shooting.  This admission by Keating is a strong rebuke of the way Delahunt handled this case.  This case could be the deciding factor in whether or not Delahunt will seek re-election.

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