CPAC Straw Poll/RMG Straw Poll

(Romney leads the RMG straw poll with 38% of the vote followed by Ron Paul with 19% – promoted by Garrett Quinn)

In a few hours CPAC will conduct its annual presidential straw poll. One of the more popular stickers I have seen at CPAC is this one, “Draft Cheney.” Ron Paul and Sarah Palin have their usual army of supporters, although Paul has a much more intricate organization while Palin’s support is similar to Paul’s in 2008. Gary Johnson is surprisingly absent from the straw poll but he did not give a formal speech at CPAC. Not a large presence for Mitt but he did give a major speech.

Here is your RMG 2012 Presidential Straw Polll. The only difference in the RMG poll is we added Scott Brown.

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